In the era of disruptive technology, there’s no domain of the corporate environment left unaffected.

With a mounting focus on generating value, organisations are now increasingly expecting CFOs to realign their priorities and shift from their previously largely analytical roles to more strategic advisory roles. While the CFO allocates resources required to deliver a company’s strategy, the CHRO ensures the right people are in the right job at the right time, with the right support and incentives. Relationship between CFO & CHRO although not necessarily symbiotic, is very critical for any business. And we have summarized all these aspects with this ebook.

    By completing this ebook, you’ll learn:
  • How the relationship between CFO & CHRO can be strengthened using technology?
  • How to enable end-to-end automation of corporate expenses to get real time insights of cash flow?
  • Overview of expense frauds in any organization & the impact on the operational expenses.
  • How cloud based solutions help to process expense reports and reimbursements seven times faster than manual methods?