The sole focus of organizing this webinar was to understand how industry veterans are revamping their existing expense management processes to safeguard their employees amidst the crisis.

First & foremost, organizations need to actively encourage contactless transactions and minimize the submission of physical bills. And why is that important?

Contactless Transactions are a key part of social distancing.

Also with offices being partially open, processing of Account Payables and other Employee Expenses could become a major challenge that can slump down the speed of the entire finance department, hence leading to more manpower requirements, especially with the verification of submitted physical bills. So, as the social distancing guidelines continue to remain for the remaining quarters, the adoption of cloud based expense management solutions are invariably going to increase.

  • CXO's role in minimizing cash leakage & controlling business spends through spend automation.
  • How to adhere with social distancing guidelines using new digital solutions?
  • Impact of implementation of digital solutions, as employees spend more time on mobile applications during the crisis & through the recovery phase.
  • How to use data to prioritize payments and enable real-time tracking of cash flow?

“ Security governance & risk compliance will be crucial in the journey of digitisation.Collaboration, communication and workflow tools will help in increasing productivity up to 90% in the organization”, says Udit pahwa, IT Head at Huhtamaki, so if you are trying to grasp how spend digitisation is going to affect your overall IT infrastructure then we would suggest not to miss watching this webinar.


Sunil Kamath, SVP & Head India Business, Happay
Mr. Sunil Kamath

Senior Vice President & Head India Business, Ex-Happay

Sunil Mehta, President & Systems Director, South Asia & South-East Asia WPP
Mr. Sunil Mehta

President & Systems Director

South Asia & South-East Asia WPP
Mr Colin Mendes, Head HR Voltasbeko
Mr. Colin Mendes

Head HR Voltasbeko

Mr Udit Pahwa, IT Head Huhtamaki
Mr. Udit Pahwa

IT Head Huhtamaki

Mr. Sushil Batra, CFO Relaxo Footwear
Mr. Sushil Batra

CFO Relaxo Footwear

“Mindset of leadership across the globe has changed completely so now they are looking at investments in IT, realising the importance of digitising cloud strategy and digitisation.”
- Mr. Sunil Mehta, Group CIO, WPP