Join us on a journey of exploration, where we uncover how the mobility industry has evolved in the new normal. Breakdown on the Mobility As A Service (MaaS)- Shared Mobility,Logistics, Automobile,Freights, Transports and everything under Pandemic driven innovation. You can checkout the latest trends of Mobility Sector here.

Season 1

Revolutionising Mobility and Achieving the Impossible in Pandemic
with VS Parthasarathy

Episode 1 - External challenges in the mobility industry and the New Normal

Episode 2 - Growth and Adaptability in the New Normal

Ramesh Iyer - President & CRO of Happay

About Ramesh

Ramesh Iyer is a technology enthusiast with 27+ years of experience in IT & Telecom. Currently, he is the President and Chief Revenue Officer at Happay. An alumnus of Harvard Business School with wealth of experience in technology and business leadership roles, Ramesh is passionate about enriching employee experience through digital technologies to bring business transformation and growth.

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