Happay is great for cost savings. In the past two years, we haven't hired any new accounting person in any of our office locations. The manual work of our finance team has decreased by 50%.
Anthony Pinto - Chief Finance Officer

3000+ employees

Eliminating manual efforts,
Increasing accuracy.

Submit & manage your expenses in less time and with less headache


Paperless expense filing

The OCR-powered mobile app scans physical and electronic invoices to fetch fields like amount, merchant name, etc… from multiple sources:

  • Uber
  • Gmail / Outlook
  • SMS
  • Employees

    Readymade Expense reports

    In less than 5 mins, expenses filed can be compiled to prepare the expense report.


    Auto compliance checks

    Up to 80% reduction in verification effort using Happay’s Smart Audit
    No room for:

  • Duplicate bills
  • Amount mismatch
  • Date mismatch
  • Missing information / bills
  • Prohibited items (like alcohol, etc.)
  • Finance

    Reimburse in 5 days!

    As most of the verification is automated, reimbursements can be released in less than 5 days.


    Reconcile in a 1 day

    Verified and consolidated data of every trip by every employee from 40+ data points will be available at your fingertips like

  • Travel booking details
  • Employee details
  • Payment details
  • TMC / vendor details
  • ERP data (like GL codes)
  • Project details
  • All compiled into one statement with Happay's ReconX.


    Data-driven decision making

    Smart analytics gives a clear vision of the cash flow leading to a better budgeting and better decisions. Identify spend leakages and process inefficiencies with reports like:

  • Top spenders & violators report
  • Approvers' time tracking report
  • Policy compliance reports
  • Top travel sectors report
  • Duplicate bill submission report

  • and so on...

    Get reports like reconciled statements mailed to your inbox and have a complete view of every trip

    Expense management, easier than ever!

    Offer a seamless booking experience for your employees and save them hours of productive time

    Expense management Happay
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    Awarded as leader, consistently!

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    "Best Travel and Expense Management Platform 2022" - Exito award
    "The Best Expense Management solution 2019 & 2020"

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    Well-integrated Ecosystem

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