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Expenses Made Easy

Automate Data

Use AI-Powered OCR Technology and Xpendite to scan bills automatically from various sources and get accurate data at every expense.

Achieve 100% Policy

Use Smart Auditing to check every expense automatically and identify policy violations that even the human eye might miss.


Let every tool in your tech stack talk to each other seamlessly for accurate and automated Expense Management

Your dream, Our product

Scan bills on
the Go

Give your employees the power and hassle-free experience with OCR Technology.

For any bills, scan them in a minute to capture expense data accurately.

No fraud, no error, no misspend.

Errorless Expense Capture

Every single time.

Happay’s intelligent solution for expense capture, Xpendite effortlessly gathers expense data from over 6 sources, including invoices, emails, Uber receipts, and beyond.

Make manual expense filing obsolete, while ensuring seamless policy compliance.

Smart Approval

Set up Automatic Approval Workflows for every scenario: Teams, Grades, Expense Amount.

Also, set up Deviation Workflow for unique instances to ensure automatic and real-time approvals.

Integrations for
every step.

Enable Multi-Systems Integration to make the exchange of information across systems easy and automated.

Every expense is accounted for, matched, and reconciled with zero errors.

Never miss a

Be in complete control of your Expense Management, always.

Track every expense made by your company, and identify top spenders and policy violators with In-Depth Analytics.

Become proactive in implementing changes and improve your savings dramatically.

Their Words, Not Ours

We took Happay early on because we found the UI UX and ease-of-use to be superior than others in the market

Lucas BianchiDirector & Co-founder, Namaste Credit

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