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Happay is a pioneer of Business Spend Management Automation in India. Happay helps businesses manage and track 100% of their corporate spending on one single platform. Our cloud-based business spend management platform leverages modern technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and Mobility to help businesses automate their expense claims and reimbursement processes, boost time and cost savings, achieve policy compliance and get rich insights into corporate spending. Our full stack of solutions, evolving set of features & functionalities combined with the latest technologies, growing ecosystem of partners & integrations, best practices & implementation expertise help you get the best of spend management there is.

Happay offers solutions for Travel & Expense management, Fleet management, Petty cash control, Tax Benefits management. With advanced solutions for paying your vendors efficiently, Happay also provides an Invoice to Pay platform. Happay has also introduced Happay Travel for employees to self-book flight tickets at lucrative rates with corporate benefits. Apart from this, employees can also make use of Happay Prepaid & Credit Cards for business expenses like online subscriptions, digital marketing spends, travel, fuel, accommodation, utility payments, etc. Happay stands out as a simple, yet efficient solution to manage and optimize your organization’s expenditures.

Happay’s solutions are used by midsize to large businesses - from the fastest-growing companies to the most respected Indian and global conglomerates.

  • End-to-end business spend management
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Best-in-class implementation and support
  • Built-in compliance and spend analytics
  • Flexible and future-ready solution
  • Consistent Across Devices

Clients using Happay have seen some exceptional results. To see how Happay has transformed traditional spend management practices and contributed to the growth of these businesses, check out our quick testimonial video. See what customers have to say about us. Click Here

You can sign up online to register for a demo and explore any solution of Happay right away. To get your account activated and running, it takes anywhere between a few days to a few weeks for the implementation, depending on the complexity of your business. During this time, you can log into your dashboard and start adding admins and employees to Happay. Our account management team will guide you throughout this process.


Happay works on a SAAS-based pricing model. Every business case is different, and the requirements vary depending on the modules required by the organization, the size of operations, etc.; hence more information can be found with our sales team. To know more about the pricing, you can get in touch with us at or call us at 080-6177-6177. Our sales team will contact you shortly.

Epic is absolutely free. It comes with zero annual fee and no hidden charges.

Happay Expense

Happay Travel and Expense (T&E) is a cloud-based expense reporting solution to record and report all your business expenses. Happay T& E helps you manage complete expense reporting workflow, right from the uploading of a receipt, to its approval and reimbursement. With advanced features like auto scan for receipts, Happay T&E stands out as a simple, yet efficient solution to manage and optimize your organization’s expenditures. Learn more

In the expense management domain, apart from a solution for Travel & Expense, Happay offers solutions for Petty Cash management, Fleet management, and Employee tax benefits.

Happay’s Petty cash solution helps businesses distribute petty cash funds, set controls, track cash balances, and expenses across branch locations, from a single place. Learn More

With Happay’s FleetXpress solution, businesses can track and manage fleet expenses such as fuel, FasTag toll payments, lodging, meals, driver salaries, and vehicle repairs. Learn More

Happay’s Employee Tax Benefits solution lets employers distribute meal, mobile, and other flexible benefits electronically on Happay cards and helps employees claim tax benefits without any stress. Learn More

Happay Invoice

Happay Invoice helps corporates manage their Accounts Payable process. With the AI-Powered Invoice Processing & Accounts Payable Automation solution, businesses can process, approve, and pay vendor invoices using a single platform - digitally and effortlessly. Learn More

  • Capture invoices from any source (courier, email, etc,) using AI.
  • Get rid of duplicate invoicing and fraud.
  • Build custom workflows and set permissions.
  • Make payments, fetch feeds & reconcile bank statements.
  • Be audit-ready, always
  • Keep your organization tax compliant.
  • Integrate with Accounting ERPs, HRMS solutions, in-house solutions, etc.
Feature Manual Solution In-house Solution Legacy AP Solution Happay Invoice
OCR SuperVision No No No Yes
Digital Mailroom No No No Yes
Multiple Custom Approval Workflows No No No Yes
Automatic Payments No No No Yes
Anti-fraud Controls No No No Yes
GST & TDS Compliant No No No Yes
  • 3X faster invoice-to-pay cycle
  • 70% lower invoice processing cost
  • 100% duplicates elimination

Happay Cards

Happay prepaid cards are a smarter alternative to cash advances and other corporate debit or credit cards. Happay cards are linked to Happay’s cloud-based expense management software and, thus, can be controlled from any mobile or web device. Company administrators can fund cards on the fly, track card expenses as they happen, set limits for spend control, and approve expenses on-the-go.

Unlike Credit Cards, Happay cards are prepaid. Employee spending is restricted to the fund loaded on the card. Happay provides what most credit cards don’t –

  • Ability to control expenses before it occurs, you can – set spend limits, restrict card spends by channels (online, POS, ATMs).
  • Switch on, switch off cards from mobile. Remove funds on the fly
  • Transfer funds from one card to another
  • Load money only when required and maintain a zero balance otherwise.

Happay cards are similar to debit cards, in both the money has to be loaded on the card first. But there are a few key differences.

  • With Happay, admins also have unprecedented visibility and control over the fund available on each card - in real-time –
  • They can restrict where the card can be used (Point of Sale, Online, ATMs) and to what extent.
  • Happay also allows you to load, reload, or even block in real-time, with the click of a button.

Epic is India's premium corporate card platform for growth-stage startups. Epic gives control-rich corporate cards having enterprise-grade controls to monitor and optimize spends. Epic offers credit without collaterals at zero personal liability to the founders.

Unlike bank corporate cards which take months, Epic gets activated for businesses in days without the usual hassles of documentation.

With pre-spend controls, Epic lets startups enforce restrictions on merchants, geography, and usage. Moreover, with real-time analytics, startups get complete visibility into their spendings. Epic makes payment seamless for servers, ad spends, and SaaS software.

Security & Safety

At happay, we ensure to safeguard your data with the highest security standards. We comply with ISO 27001 policies & our payment stack adheres to the PCI DSS standards. To know more, do check out the Privacy page and GDPR page to understand how we use the data of your account.

Facing any concerns or issues while using our products. Don’t worry, we’re here for you. To contact support, drop in a mail to or call us at 08061776177. Our customer executives will get back to you within 24 hours of dropping your query.

Want to get in touch with a sales executive right away, drop in a mail to or call us at 08061776177.

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