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The crippling cost of manual
expense data capture

See what’s possible with

Bill scan

Auto capture expense data
from physical bills

  • Open Happay on your mobile, scan your bill, and leave the rest to SmartScan OCR technology
  • It will automatically capture every single detail from the bill and create it as an expense

Auto capture expense data
from emails

Are invoices stuck in your emails?

  • Just add the Happay Xpendite plug-in to your system. It will automatically capture expenses – no manual work, and all the accuracy
  • Or simply forward the invoices to Happay email ID and the expense will be auto-created



Auto capture expense data
from cards

  • Credit cards, debit cards, and corporate cards – from any bank
  • Happay’s Xpendite will automatically capture expense data when you pay using cards and create the expense – in real-time and accurately

Auto capture expense data
from cabs

  • Integrate Happay with Uber Business. Book your trips with Uber Business
  • Happay’s Xpendite will automatically capture the trip details, including the amount, and create the expense



Auto capture expense data
from SMS

  • Send transaction SMS to Happay
  • Happay Xpendite will read all the details and create it as an expense, instantly and accurately

Auto-capture Mileage and

  • Enable Happay’s Mileage/Route tracker if your employee takes their vehicle or a cab during business travel
  • This will automatically capture the mileage/route to calculate the fuel or cab expenses the employee would have incurred
  • Use it for easy and fraud-free reimbursements

Mileage and Route

International Expenses

Auto-capture International

  • With Happay’s Forex Management, you can automatically capture international expenses and conversions
  • Upload or scan the bill using OCR, and Happay will automatically identify the country of spend and convert it to default company currency value for easy expense management

Auto capture expense data
with bulk capture

Multiple bills?

Bulk upload them into Happay and Xpendite will automatically read them and create expenses for each bill, with data like invoice number, bill amount, etc., captured accurately.



AutoMerge, avoid

Enable AutoMerge to automatically merge the same expenses filed more than once, avoid duplicate expenses and manual effort.

Our customers love us. You will too.

Happay has brought in transparency, ease of operation and happiness to our staff.

Nitendra PatelAssociate VP - HR, Symphony

Our company’s growth is exponentially dependant on employee excellence. With Happay, we made sure employee productivity is not hampered due to inefficient processes.

Saket AgarwalCFO, Emkay Global

With 97% of the people claiming on time, it reduces the time that finance needs. Finance can process expenses in one go.

Ajith JosephStrategic initiatives, Eastern Spices

We took Happay early on because we found the UI UX and ease-of-use superior.

Lucas BianchiDirector & Cofounder, Namaste Credit