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Simplified Vendor Payments

Achieve Seamless Invoice

With our invoice processing tool, improve cash flow, boost
process efficiency, and increase compliance.

Smart Dashboard

Upload invoices and track vendor payments with our user-friendly interface. Gain end-to-end visibility.

Better Liquidity Management

Pay using the credit line facilitated by Happay to improve cash flow and extend your days payable outstanding. Get better cash flow visibility.

User Notifications

Notify users of any pending action and prompt them to take appropriate and timely action.

Easy Vendor Registration

Instantly register vendors by adding the requisite details. The vendor GST details are auto-populated.

Robust Approval Process

Choose a suitable approval workflow. With a clear flow of invoice processing data, easily view who created each invoice, authorized it, and processed the payment.

Quick Turnaround

Add your vendor invoices to Happay Invoice and schedule payment. Never miss an invoice payment due date.

Open the Door to Smart

In the next phase of development, get access to advanced automation
features that deliver transparency, efficiency, and compliance.

OCR Invoice Processing*

Drag and drop invoices onto Happay Invoice. Our OCR technology will auto-capture invoice data and create digital invoices, preventing any data entry errors.

*Coming Soon

ERP Integration*

Ensure greater accuracy and faster reconciliation with seamless integration of invoice data. Export invoice and payment data to your accounting or ERP software.

*Coming Soon

Advanced Analytics*

See payment data in context. Convert the insights provided by custom reports and data into savings.

*Coming Soon

Savings with
Happay Invoice

reduction in cost per invoice
reduction in compliance-related
reduction in late payment and
related costs

Now Process Invoices Faster


Make Easy Payments

Experience streamlined invoice payment. Pay vendors without logging in
to net banking.

Credit Line

Use the credit line facilitated by Happay to make faster payments and improve cash flow.

Direct Bank Transfer

Directly transfer funds to vendor bank accounts from the available credit. No payment gateway involved.

Pool Account*

Load money into your pool account and make the vendor payment process seamless.
*Coming Soon

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Happay Invoice is a part of a bundled product and the available credit can be utilized for both vendor invoice payments and corporate card transactions.