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Digital Petty Cash Management Solution for multi-chain retailers

Innovative prepaid cards & petty cash management software designed for businesses with multiple branches, outlets, site offices or store locations.

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Managing petty cash is not a petty affair

What makes petty cash management difficult for you?

1. Are you wasting time distributing petty cash physically to each branch location?

Visiting each branch location to distribute physical cash is not only a waste of time but also money. On the other hand, even bank transfers to employee accounts are not a viable option. Is there a way out?

2. Are you worried about the safety of cash and how your outlet employees use it?

Once cash is allocated, your outlet staff is responsible for its security and accountability. But how do you know if they are using the funds for the right purpose? Are you able to track expenses?

3. Are your outlets always running short of cash?

Anyone who’s been incharge of managing cash at chain outlets knows that availability of cash is a big issue. Cash requirements can’t be predicted since there is no real-time visibility into cash balances.

Introducing Happay’s petty cash

management solution

Simplify petty cash management by replacing cash with Happay cards. Disburse funds on cards, customise control and track expenses across different locations from our cloud-based platform.

Disburse petty cash funds digitally in seconds whether it is 10 or 100 branch locations.

No more carrying hard cash to each branch location or making fund transfers to employee bank accounts. Give Happay cards to each branch. Load cards anytime from your Happay pool account.

Customise card limits and control unauthorised spending.

Set individual spending limits for each card. Restrict usage at POS, Online or ATMs. Enable or disable cards instantly. Eliminate unauthorised spends and reduce possibilities of cash leakage.

Make expense reporting a delightful experience.

As soon as the Happay card is swiped, the transaction details are automatically captured on Happay dashboard. Just take a photo of the receipt and submit the expense report for approval. No more lost receipts or tedious paperwork.

Track branch-wide cash balances and expenses in real-time.

Ensure 100% transparency and accountability in the way expenses are made. Retract funds from branches that have excess cash and transfer funds to those that need surplus cash.

Reconcile expenses and process reimbursements with ease.

Since data is available instantly on a single dashboard, finance teams can easily verify expenses with receipts. Happay’s smart algorithm also gives a ready summary of how much is due to the employee or the company.

Integrate Happay with systems you already use.

Happay seamlessly integrates with various accounting and ERP systems and saves your precious time on repetitive tasks. You can also export custom reports from Happay with a single click.

ROI with Happay


Savings on cost of travel & courier


Reduction in cash leakage


Cashless & paperless branches


Lesser working capital requirement


Savings on cost of new finance hires

Why Enterprises trust Happay

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4.5 / 5

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4 / 5

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4.5 / 5

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Note: Happay offers three product modules – Happay Lite, Happay ‘Basic Enterprise’ and Happay ‘Advance Enterprise’.